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As independent agents, we are licensed to sell insurance products for many different companies. This allows us to provide a more diversified policy selection, and hopefully more competitive prices. We offer all types of life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and retirement tools through various companies, to best fit our clients needs.

Our commitment to our clients is to review their current protection, complete a full fact finding analysis, answer any questions, and provide positive and honest feedback to develop a mutual understanding of what insurance protection and retirement options are most important to meet their needs.


Our Mission

As independent agents, we are able to search the marketplace for the absolute best interest of our clients. Our goal is to maximize your protection and minimize your cost!

Jason really helped our family with all of our life insurance needs! Very professional and I highly recommend his expertise to all. It felt good to set our kids up on a policy that will be guaranteed for life and offer retirement and savings benefits.
— Tony Reece, Team Reece Utah

Jason Woodland currently specializes in life insurance and retirement planning for business owners, the self-employed and young families with Woodland Advisors, LLC. He first found his home in this industry with New York Life Insurance Company before founding his own firm. He has previously worked with and consulted 1000’s of businesses nationwide in the business finance space, and partnered in a tea company he has now sold his shares in, among many other endeavors.

Jason has earned two bachelors degrees in business management and marketing as well as a certificate in international marketing. He believes his “trench” experience in both business and sales is what has given him an even deeper understanding of how business and organizations work.

In his early 20’s, he helped expand a business into Hong Kong. Since then he has built various businesses, read hundreds of books, served on various boards, and has taken some interesting adventures. He loves helping people and is passionate about working in and being part of his local community.

In his spare time, Jason likes spending time with his family and friends, reading, exploring, meeting new people and listening to music. He lives in Holladay, Utah with his wife and two dogs.

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